Der Lack ist ab


Der Lack ist ab

#socialmedia (english subtitles)

Folge 5 Staffel 3

A wrongly sent emoji sends Hannas daughter Emmi tumbling into her first relationship crisis.

05.07.2016 00:01 | 8:08 Min | © Phantomfilm

Der Lack ist ab: Tom and Hanna won’t accept defeat – not even by their 20 year lasting marriage. In the third season of this webseries the family moves into a larger, newly built apartment – too early: The inside walls are missing, power outage is the norm. Nothing seems to work. The generational differences between parents and kids show quite clearly, that The Glory is Gone. 

With all the things going on, like: cooking for vegan friends, standing strong against an overenthusiastic school counselor and taking care of household chores, Tom almost misses his nearing midlife crisis. The (none-existent) doors are flung wide open to everyday life. Despite merciless honesty, Tom and Hanna give us the feeling, that in the midst of challenging every day life, we are never alone. The ten new episodes premiered as first webseries ever at the International Filmfest München 2016 and is now available online free of charge on

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Graue Haare, Teeniemütter oder leckere MILFs: Wie würdet ihr an Stelle von Tom und Hanna reagieren?

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